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The prompts at Ligo Haibun this week are two words, Paradise and Apathy. I missed out on last week’s prompts. I had a busy week and kept pushing it off till another Friday today. Oh well, here I am, right on time with my choice below:


PictureColdness seeps into my core. Melting glacier. It flows through my veins numbing me. When love grows cold, it is like dying fire, flickering off and on its throes. The embers are useless; only in the death of it can it be useful. In an urn.

Once upon a time, we were hot together. erupting volcano. Our love embraced all we stood for, our values, our dreams, an avalanche of tidal winds sweeping us along waves of sublime ecstasy.

PictureNow, I welcome the iceberg as my dreams evaporate; the emasculated skeletal frame of a relationship decorating my heart. And all because you exhausted your masculinity elsewhere.

I feel cold
warm me with breath of
dying love