https://readinpleasure.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/5a4d5-topten.jpgNana Fredua-Agyeman, from Ghana is a virtual friend of mine. He is also a keen blogger of mostly African Literature and an excellent haiku writer.

Though we have never met,  I respect him so much for  his brilliance and deeply analytical reviews on his blog ImageNations. An Agricultural Economist by profession and a Poet by passion, Nana keeps three blogs: ImageNations, Haiku from Ghana, and Black Pathology. Some of his Haiku have been published in magazines such as Frogpond, The Heron’s Nest, Acorn etc and at e-zines such as simplyhaiku.com and Shamrock Haiku Journal. Currently,he has a manuscript of poems (not Haiku) titled BLACK PATHOLOGY.

Why this lovely introduction? Nana recently invited me to participate in the Reader’s Top Ten series, a weekly event that showcases readers’ or bloggers’ top ten African reads.

Wonderful friends, do visit my friend at ImageNations to sample my top ten African reds and also to have a taste of his beautiful collection of haiku and his other works.  🙂