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PictureTwo prompt words on this week’s Ligo Haibun Challenge.  Fascination and Torture. My choice below:


do not torture me
with your beauty;
let me partake of it.
You are my ebony doll, 
slender as a reed,
majestic in your sway
like the queen of Sheba,
graceful, like a gazelle. 
Your velvety smooth skin
reminds me
of melting shear butter
under the harmattan sun.
Your ringed neck,
ever so graceful
like a swan’s.
Ah, those full lips,
pouting and so ready
to do justice
to my fevered body.
Ah torture, sweet torture
I welcome you with open arms

PictureI was transfixed, drinking in his words as he read the poem out to me.  It was our tenth wedding Anniversary and we were out celebrating.

‘I wrote this for you, when I first met you. But I was too shy to read it for you. Nothing has changed all these years my dear.’

My eyes lit up as I whispered, ‘and nothing ever will, lover boy.’

under candle light
he woos me with his tongue
and the stars look down