Ghana Flag 2Ghanaian Literature Week is back this year! My dear friend, Kinna of Kinna Reads  will be hosting the 3rd rendition having started it in 2010, ran it again in 2011.

This year’s reading event is scheduled for Monday, November 11th – Sunday, November 17th. Everyone is invited to participate.  The guidelines for participation remain the same as those in 2011:

  • ‘Read one or more works by a Ghanaian author or an author of Ghanaian descent
  • Both fiction and non-fiction works are allowed
  • All forms and genres of fiction are allowed.  These include novels, novellas, short stories, children’s literature, poetry and drama. Literary fiction, faith-based works, romances, and, mysteries.
  • The length or topic does not matter except that it must be connected to Ghana or touch on some aspect of Ghanaian life.
  • The material must be published as a physical book, an ebook, in a newspaper, in a journal or published online.
  • Those with websites are to please review the works that they read.
  • Please link your reviews to the review database, which Kinna will put up on the first day of the event
  • Join us for a Twitter chat (the time will be announced later). We will use the hashtag #GhanaLit on twitter.
  • And please have fun.  It is the most important rule.

Kinna will host a number of giveaways for our local, African and international readers and participants.  Note: if you are an author or publisher who would like to donate a book to this project, please email her at kinnareads(at)gmail(dot)com.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to guest post on her blog or would like to host an event (online or in Ghana) during the week.

A page with a list of suggested reading and other information related to the week will be put up on her blog Kinna Reads  in the coming week.

I’ve already lined up a book or two for the event. Can’t wait!. I do hope you will join us have fun!!! 🙂

In 2011,  I participated in the Ghanaian Literature Week as a guest on Kinna’s blog with a review of Mistress of the Game by Asabea Ashun. I was then not a blogger.

Today, I give credit to Kinna for introducing me to blogging and starting me off when she came to my office to help me create a blog. 🙂 Without her encouragement and confidence in me, and the invaluable support from dear Nana Awere Damoah, (another writer and blogger) I would not have been here today on blogosphere. 🙂