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It was with utmost shock that I read of the passing of a dear blogger friend Joseph Spado aka Spadoman of Round Circle.

I say dear because although I never met him personally, I had come to know him at Haiku My Heart and had come to appreciate his visits to my blog and his wonderful encouraging words. Spadoman’s sense of humour was very refreshing. His writings were always entertaining and full of the spark of a life well lived in all its fullness.

His post of last week compared in his usual witty manner the dinner served him at the hospital and a dog’s food in a magazine. There was no difference, at least judging by the photos of the two dinners! I found this so funny and remember laughing so loudly. Yes indeed, there was no difference. If the photo of the dog’s dinner was anything to go by, then by standards, the dog lived like a king. Over here, dogs chew the bones from our left overs! They don’t eat kings’ dinners! 🙂

Even as we are in this Advent season let us pause to remember Joe Spado and pray for the repose of his soul.

Rest in perfect peace, dear Spadoman. May you find eternal rest. Amen!!