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Written for Friday Fictioneers ably handled byΒ Rochelle Wisoff-Fields with a photo prompt by Adam Ickes. 100 words exactly based on a true enough story!!

Shoes For The Children

http://kattermonran.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/adamickes-childsboots.jpg?w=225&h=300The people of Kusi were dreading Christmas. They had no money to provide goodies for their children. The previous year, harvest had been bountiful and Christmas had been celebrated with a candlelight procession throughout the village, accompanied by brass band music.

Now, a gloom hung over the village. Even the cocks refused to crow! And then one afternoon, the sound of the gong-gong was heard miles away. The Chief’s daughter who had been in ‘Amrika‘ studying was coming home with pairs of shoes for every child in the village! And lots of eatables! Now the cocks strutted in glee!

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