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Displaying agp-sd-c-cover-3dfile.jpgToday, I’m highly privileged to be hosting on my blog a sweet sister and friend, blogger and author, Seyi Sandra David. Sandra has just released  a mega novel, Cydonia, Rise of the Fallen, her most brilliant and ambitious work so far.  A fast paced, gripping and suspense thriller.  Here’s the blurb:
”A mere thirty days… …is what ex priest, Aaron Cohen has to stop a devastating attack on earth from elusive and ruthless forces but events soon took an alarming turn for the worse. The Vatican came under attack when a demonic bloodhound under the command of Tyrus, Lucifer’s son, went on rampage. They left destruction on their trail. As events unfold with alarming speed, Aaron Cohen’s life spiralled out of control, chased by forces beyond human comprehension; he embarked on an adventure to protect the Ark of the Covenant and the stones of fire from brutal forces intent on annihilating the human race. Set against an extraordinary and enigmatic church of St Mary, Axum in Ethiopia, Aaron fought with demons, escaped assassins’ bullets and every attempt to halt impending doom seemed slimmer than ever.
Wow, grip your seats!!
Enjoy this Excerpt

”THE BIG clock in Ilford town centre in East London resounded at seven in the evening. The town centre was still bustling with shoppers when a glittering black GMC 4×4 slid past the shoppers and came to a screeching halt at Cranbrook road, a few miles from the town centre. Three men got out of the jeep and dashed into the Golden Oaks pub, brandishing AK-47 assault rifles.

 The pub was packed full of people that cool Wednesday evening, and the men heralded a tense atmosphere as they barged in. There were muted gasps from everyone. Aaron Cohen was among the throng of people in the pub. Instantly, he knew they were looking for him.

A woman stifled a sob and her whimpering grated on Aaron’s nerves. Slowly, he slipped his face cap down to hide his identity: it would do him good to stay hidden.

 There was complete silence.”

For copies of this amazing novel, please visit here for those in the UK and here for those on in the US! Be sure to grab copies for the holidays! 🙂

Sandra’s Bio

Seyi David loves to write and she has done that for several years. She has worked as a reporter, teacher, and accountant. She had a brief stint as an actor while at the university before she finally decided to write novels full-time. She is a committed blogger and a columnist for Black Heritage Today, a London-based Magazine, and Rev Up Media.

Her first novel, ‘The Impossible President’ sold out of its first print run in 2004.  She wrote a short story, ‘Tales of Five Lies,’ which gripped readers worldwide. ‘The Feet of Darkness,’ her second novel is still on sale worldwide. Seyi lives in London with her husband, Kay and three children, Samuel, Elizabeth, and Emmanuel.