dec wedsDone for Challenge Wednesday by Jeremy of The Boi Poet. The idea of these challenges is to use the given prompts to create a piece of flash fiction (100-500 words) or a poem. 914-20 lines).

One line taken out of context from a poem can lead to a whole new dimension of creativity. The idea of this challenge therefore is to create what comes to mind from lines of poetry.

This week’s lines of poetry are below and we are to link back to Jeremy:

finished forgetting not to be – Series by Geoffrey G. Brian
I see words and I see things – A Translator’s Dilemma by Ann Lauterbach
with a single boneless kiss – Worst Things First by Mark Bibbins
Flavoured Words
with a single kiss
you transport me
to the top of the mountain
where I see and touch the clouds
with a single kiss
you carry me to that summit
where your whispers of secret desires
are a raging fire to be quenched
I see those whispers crystallize
etched in gold
on the surface of the cotton candy clouds
and I gently pluck them
I inhale your flavoured words
and I forget to be
becoming boneless
I dissolve in you
and as one, we belong
you and I
in breathless abandon
Copyright © Celestine Nudanu 
I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom