dec wedsDone for Challenge Wednesday by Jeremy of The Boi Poet. This week’s lines of poetry are below and we are to link back to Jeremy:

  • Why preyest thou thus upon the poet’s heart – Sonnet – to Science by Edgar Allan Poe
  • And lunch blended into naptime – An Ordinary Life by Barbara Crooker
  • Plugged in lamps and the television set – Old Age Home by Burt Kimmelman

Winged Damsel

Why preyest thou thus upon the poet’s heart
thou fair and winged damsel
thou whispereth softly in shrouded verse
words that thy soul conjures,
spewing forth thy love in golden droplets
the poet’s feathered ink in a haste to scribe
let the poet in thy bosom find solace
napping in thy bloom warmth,
‘neath the  cedars where yonder
faeries their lunch partake
thy crimson silk his sheath
 as thou playest with the strings of his heart
but I prithee, fair and winged damsel
in the velvet blackness of night
keep thou thy lamp burning
to ignite age-old passions within his soul
the oil of thy lips setting the
perpetual flame upon the poet’s heart
Copyright © Celestine Nudanu 
I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom