Done for Challenge Wednesday by Jeremy of The Boi Poet. This week’s lines of poetry are below and we are to link back to Jeremy:

  • With dread that took my breath away – Three Songs at the End of Summer by dec wedsJane Kenyon
  • Malignant fate Sat By And Smiled – Ode on the Death of Favourite Cat by Thomas Gray
  • You look across the fruit and Flowers – At a Dinner Party by Amy Levy


fate sat down and smiled
watching me shed copious tears,
red with the heat of your betrayal
even as you tear the petals apart
scattering them over the grave
of a long dead love 
fate sat by and smiled
watching me make a fool over you
even as you crush my heart
in your steel grip,
rather like squashing a fruity cake
that you loved so much
fate sat by and smiled
watching me gather the tattered
remnants of my heart piece by piece
and with a dread that took my breath away
fate stitched my heart together
and said ‘enough of this nonsense.
move on!’
Copyright © Celestine Nudanu 
I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom

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