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Title:        1 x 50 x 100 Flash Fiction
Author:     (Edited by Madison Woods)
Binding:    Kindle
Genre:      Varied
Pages:      81
Publication Date:  2013

Reason for reading:  From TBR.

Flash Fiction Anthology CoverAs already posted on this blog, myy 100-word flash fiction, Rays in My Heart  is part of the anthology of 50 stories written by 50 authors from around the globe now available in ebook form (kindle) and hard copy. Edited by Madison Woods formerly of the Friday Fictioneers fame, 1 x 50 x 100 Flash Fiction is a collection of 100 words flash fiction based on one photo prompt!!!

What I find amazing about this collection is the varied genres of the stories, all highly imaginative and perfectly flavoured and all making sense. Each person will find his favorite genre here; fantasy, historical fiction, horror, romance, paranormal, science, poetry, speculative, and yes faith-based. My favourites include She Walks in Beauty by Janet Webb and Surrendering by Joyce Johnson.

The writing is simple, easy to understand, full of humour. The best thing is that you can read this collection at one sitting! I read my Kindle edition in under 30 minutes!!!

I recommend 1 x 50 x 100 Flash Fiction to every one! More especially lovers of the flash fiction!!

Grab your copy here: You will never regret it! :-)