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Title:    The Watchman’s Daughter and Other Stories from Ghana
Author: Rukiya Ibrahim
Genre:  Fiction – Short stories
Edition: Kindle
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Pages:    116
Publication date: August, 2013
Reasons for reading: Received this book as a gift from the author for a candid review.


The Watchman's Daughter and Other Stories from Ghana, West-Africa by Rukaya IbrahimThe Watchman’s Daughter and other stories from Ghana, West-Africa is a collection of stories about modern Ghana;the place, the people and culture. The stories, though fictional, could very well be real. They cover all themes of life in Ghana and offer the outsider an unbiased view and understanding of contemporary Ghanaian life. The book covers such issues as Family, Education, Corruption, Politics, Crime, Health in entertaining, reflective and thought-provoking stories with realistic characters and settings.

My Thoughts

Actually the blurb says it all. 15 uniquely written stories from Ghana that made me at once identify and empathize with the characters. Real characters that reflect the unpredictability and caprices of life. The stories are well written, moving, engaging, funny, silly, deep and give the reader much room for reflection. One moment I was laughing; another moment saw me yelling in anger and yet another saw me trying in vain to stop the tears. And I did ask myself a series of questions about the meaning of life and the decisions we make. Long after I put the anthology down, I couldn’t shake off the impact it had on me.

The setting of the stories is placed within various locations within the country and without. I was startled to notice authentic descriptions of scenes and settings and of places that I am familiar with. Just like the blurb indicated, non-Ghanaians reading this collection would love the authentic Ghanaian feel of the different plots.

I must say that the author Rukaya Ibrahim is relatively new to me; but I was impressed with her writing. She’s good. The only snag is that the collection has no content page. I don’t know if that is a style or an omission! 🙂

I recommend the The Watchman’s Daughter and Other Stories from Ghana, to all my followers who would love to know more about Ghana 🙂 For a copy of the collection please visit here.

About the author

Rukaya Ibrahim is a Ghanaian born writer and physician. She has been writing since she was in her teens. Her short stories have been published in The Mirror, Ghana’s most prestigious national weekly newspaper. The title story, “The Watchman’s Daughter” was published in Crossing Borders Magazine Issue Eleven. She aims to share realistic, thought-provoking, entertaining, stories about contemporary Africa.