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madness took over certain streets in South Africa

black-skinned clad blacks got fed up with playing second fiddle

brothers and sisters from the diaspora were now pariah

in a frenzy of hatred, like fiends from Hades

they hacked, butchered, mutilated, maimed and wounded.

their assegais dripped red

the caked earth

a mirror of the economy, grew soggy with red.

but tell me

but how can you play second fiddle

when you are not even a first fiddle

Chaka would have puked in envy.

And the stars blinked in confusion.

mad men urged them on

and they raged on

black-skinned clad black bodies glittering with red sweat

while the whole world cried xenophobia!

we have now got  a new word in our lexicon,

with so many

dissections, analysis, explanations, commentary and deciphering.

and on they raged;

Genghis Khan would have clapped at their ferocity.

And with xenophobia on all our lips,

we do nothing!

We are too busy chewing on the word into a smooth paste;

or else it chokes us in the swallowing

and we regurgitate apartheid.

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu