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Dedicated to the 200 and over Ghanaians who lost their lives in a raging fire on June 3, 2015 during torrential rains. http://www.myjoyonline.com/news/2015/June-4th/death-toll-in-twin-fire-flood-disaster-hits-200.php


they say we must be careful what we wish for

but one must wish, must one not? and dream

and if our dreams turn into a nightmare

must we not jolt from the horror,

wish away the terror and continue dreaming?

for one day the dream will turn into a reality.

a reality, their reality!


yes but a reality nonetheless

of heaven opening its mouth and gushing rain

a metamorphosing inferno.

and in the aftermath,

the politicians play jigsaw puzzle with words, promises!

and we the citizens we gasp, wail, bare our teeth in morbid stupefaction.

we shake our heads and mumble had I known!

 we keep wake for the charred human barbecue,

200 and still counting.

do we rail at fate, God or our own ineptitude?

this is one khebab we cannot chew and swallow.

we did not wish for it, after all.

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu