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Done for A Prompt Each Day, a daily dose of inspiration. We are to use a  minimum of three words from the set of ten below to write a story or a poem.



Cascade of tears slid on to the green carpet as she hung her head in shame. For the first time she noticed how off beat the colour looked in the pristine modernity of the old man’s living room. Just like her announcement to leave her husband of six months. The word divorce didn’t just exist in the vocabulary of her family.

APromptEachDay1She could feel Papa’s piercing hurt reeking from his eyes, enveloping her in a tight hug. “I’m grateful your mother is not alive to hear this, Adele.”

Adele raised her eyes, soulful to meet his. And she felt gratified when he flinched. The bruises on her face had swelled to almost comic proportions. “Even with this, Papa, you still say that to me.”

With one fluid motion, Adele ripped off her thin creamy blouse, almost gossamer in texture, exposing her supple breasts. When her father averted his eyes, she willed him to have his fill of the lacerations zigzagging on her body in a macabre dance ritual.

Trembling, her voice croaked in a whisper. “What about you? Do you wish you were dead not to see this?”

Adele almost pitied her father now.  Amidst her sobs, she saw him turn and stare at her body, disbelief and horror warring for supremacy on his now defeated face.

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu

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