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Done for Carpe Diem.

CDHK features a wonderful haiku poet from , Ghana, Adjei Agyei Baah, co-founder of the Poetry Foundation Ghana. Adjei Baah has “invented” the (as he calls it) Afriku, the haiku from Africa. You can read more about the Afriku here. Below are his “stones”-haiku/afriku which he would like to share at CDHK and upon which we are to base our inspiration: I’m pleased to announce that Adjei Agyei Baah will be appearing here as a Guest soon. Be on the lookout for the interview. 🙂

shoreline pebbles

a reminder of how far

we have come



daddy’s delicacy

taking stones out of gizzard


stone temple

leftover boulders

add to reverence


grinding stone

her ebony hue

faded in pepper soup

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu
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