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My brother, Ricky wrote this beautiful poem on his Facebook page and with his kind permission, I have posted it here.

Verdant grazing fields and homes, Tongo, Upper East region of Ghana.

Photo courtesy of Douglas Seidu

Morning Reel

Lush green fleeting
Life in full bloom
With Windows down I hear the jubilant birds tweeting
Happy to survive another night of dark gloom
I see I am missing something ,
the cattle
the sheep
the goats
the donkeys.
All prisoner to tethering.
Season’s prescription!

Verdant home
Bidding me come
When in a while I will be gone
To a life near alone
Promise of plenty
Makes my people happy
Even dainty.

Riversides lost to high tides
Fishermen sporting smiles
Children sick from over indulging
With stomachs painfully protruding
Maidens in high demand
Men,newly prosperous asking for their hand
To start them on the road to childbearing
And a life barely worth the bearing. Home!

Copyright ยฉ Kasise Ricky Peprah