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On Monday night, there was a full moon. Made more glowing was the fact that we were in darkness as we had no power. Our house was bathed in an utter glitter. My third boy said ‘mummy the moon is beautiful.’ He loves animals and now am I surprised he  appreciates nature? 🙂 I could only nod, stunned at the spectacle.

The next day, I woke up at 4.30 am to get us all ready for school and work. And then I saw the reflection  in my window.  When I looked out and up, I saw them; two lone stars, one bigger, and yes twinkling, in place of the full moon. I’ve remained speechless until now. 🙂

Lone Stars

lone stars

remnants of the full moon’s



And this for Carpe Diem prompt, Shasei (saying it as it is)

Twinkling Stars

at break of dawn

in place of the full moon

two twinkling stars

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