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With Ricky’s Permission

It’s Monday

Its Monday again
And we are at it again,
Early rising and commuting,
To our jobs and trades.
Yesterday we spent praising the Lord
Or just busying ourselves in dread of today.

We woke to a constant morning and a punctual sun.
Tedium anew?
Or purpose afresh?
Many the world over have roused by automaton
Or so they think.
Clocks chimed and phones tinkled
But that does not give life.

Limbs taut and whims about
Hopes rising and ambitions gingered,
Eyes wide and ears erect
Tummies grumbling or same quietened with caffeine or Ceylon tea
Deadlines ever-present
Bosses ubiquitous
Reports to be written
But all this turmoil, a prayer can handle
And arm yourself with a thankful smile.

Copyright © Kasise Ricky Peprah