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Done for for Carpe Diem, (Georgia’s Special 2nd Days of Christmas – Choka) and for Haiku My Heart.

Days of Christmas

5-7 5-7 5-7 5-7-7

 image of my child

salivates at nothingness

this drives me crazy

 to put more energy in

fanning the fire

that will cook only water

to bathe off the grime

from scavenging on the heap

 behind the MP’s mansion

Credits: Christmas

it is Christmas eve

 I can hear the chiming bells

Armageddon Church

last year the priest fed the kids

and winked at my girl

It is a no go this year

church charity stinks

but dare I reserve some pride

charity has lots of face


the Harmattan breeze

biting, burned and cracked my skin

charcoal a fiery red

The water now at a boil

waiting for the kids

to return to nothingness

now, what will they bring?

Freshly baked cakes, brown as earth,

bottles of coca-cola

with no expiry date or

stale crackers from yesteryear

moldy leg of a chicken

dry as the hag I’ve become?

Or my brand of emptiness?


Mama! There she is

dark skin glowing, defying

the harsh Harmattan

mockery of perfect skins.

her teeth flashed in smile

I swear the gleam in her eyes

made the Christmas lights

in the MP’s mansion pale.

now, she is me all over

(envoy or tanka)

she raise tiny hands

then I see the envelope!

ah, Harmattan breeze

her long tresses billowing

my husband’s gift waves at me

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu