My friend Nana at interviewed me. Read all about it and get to know the real Celestine and the story behind Haiku Rhapsodies.


One of haiku’s main appeals is that it focuses on nature or aspects of it. Haiku, in its brevity, captures those special moments in time when all our senses are awakened to the wonders and beauty of nature
– Celestine Nudanu, Writer

CESTONE Celestine Nudanu

Celestine Nudanu is a Ghanaian writer, a romantic at heart and a book reviewer. Girdblog had a chat with her about her writing life and her debut collection of poetry, Haiku Rhapsodies. We are delighted to share some of Celestine’s insights with you.

Girdblog: Who is Celestine Nudanu?

Celestine: Thank you. A simple question yet very loaded. Who am I? Celestine Nudanu is a middle aged woman who refuses to think like one. “I am a romantic at heart, and love a good romance story, though I shy away from erotica. Almost all my poems focus on love, or aspects of it…

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