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With kind permission from my dear friend Ese, I’m happy to post her review of my book HAIKU RHAPSODIES. I had earlier given Ese an Advanced Review Copy. 🙂

Dear Celestine,

It has been some time since I received your book on my email – thank you very much for thinking of me and sending it! It really means a lot and is appreciated, hugely.

I do apologize for my delay though, reading it but with various things piling up… Anyway, I needed that time to come…for myself, to be able to just sit down and read it, slowly, feeling all the colors, scents, tastes, hearing all the notes, letting them all melt together and sink in. Knowing you a bit and the way you write, I was looking forward to be able to enjoy the whole book instead of separate haiku I have read on your blog before.

Now, after the last page of “Haiku Rhapsodies” has been read, I must say it truly was such a beautiful experience, a journey “through” everything, dear to your heart and soul. You do paint the pictures with words so vividly that for the one never been in Ghana (like me), now it feels like I have. Even if for a brief moment, feeling aromas, hearing birds and cicadas, chatter of children, walking through a market, “Hosanna” resonating in the church walls, noticing almost “live scenes” of nature, God’ s presence in our lives and human life itself – with not only light but also heavier moments that are inevitable. Yes, I even had that a bit naughty, yet so sensual peek through your bedroom window! 😉

There is so much love, appreciation and kindness in your haiku that really embraced and moved me. And your lovely wit that always makes me smile…it definitely did. I honestly don’t believe your haiku can leave anyone indifferent. Thank you for this unique experience, my dear friend!

how long

to wait for your return

the mangoes bloom


PS: Keep writing…!

PPS: I wrote some haiku down…for me…like I do with lines from the books I read. Will just copy them here that you know the ones that will be saved in my “Quote Notebook”. It really exists, handwritten, thought by thought, through years. Handwriting slightly changes but appreciation for beautiful thoughts never does.

noon heat

a lizard basks

in yesterday’ s raindrops


how long

to wait for your return

the mangoes bloom



my mother stares

back at me


the night

in flames



reckless night

the moon

goes pale



ticking off the days

to Easter


freezing cold

the warm breath

of dying love


What cans I say? Much appreciated, my dear Ese. From the bottom of my heart.

Note: Haiku Rhapsodies will soonest be on Amazon!!!