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Lovely folks, yet another thrilling review of Haiku Rhapsodies from Brendon Kent, a more than satisfied customer. And linking the haiku below to Haiku My Heart. Enjoy! 🙂 “Being an avid reader and writer of haiku, I am thrilled that Africa has found yet another ‘haiku voice’!

Thanks to their active and inspiring organisations (in particular the Africa Haiku Network) many previously unheard African poets are now appearing in journals and e-zines worldwide…ah the power of internet…and how refreshing!

This wonderful debut collection ‘Haiku Rhapsodies (Verses from Ghana)’ is no exception. Celestine captures her part of the world beautifully, transporting it via the brevity of haiku to us, allowing us to participate in each African moment.
From the very first haiku we are swept into her world and carried musically across its terrain…

bamboo flute
rushing stream calms
the savannah

One can almost feel the savannah’s music!

market day
a mother’s sweat
soaks into her child’s

What an image! Can you feel the heat of this market day? The closeness of mother and child oozes from this haiku, a scene that could be related to anywhere in the world…a truly universal picture that paints its story without the need to explain with too many words….the essence of haiku.

noonday heat
the priest’s words
drip on his cassock

I am absolutely thrilled to add this collection of Celestine’s poetry to my haiku library and would thoroughly recommend Haiku Rhapsodies to everyone!

-Brendon Kent (a member of the British Haiku Society)”

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