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My Jubilee

on the eve and threshold

of the most important day of my life,

I look back on my forty-nine years

whispering Jasmine-flavoured words

of thanks to my Maker.

For thus far He has brought me.


the welcome chirp of birds to rouse

the slow stream of rays through dawn

the heady scents of blooms to brighten

even in the almost silent zzzzinnnng of waters

a rush of lullaby to still my fevered spirit

I see your might


ever gently, pushing, urging, calming,

cradling, nurturing, molding

mere clay to refine

I am what you have made me

I am because You are

Alpha and Omega


I sing because I am happy

I sing because I am free

I sing because your face has shone upon me

not for forty nine years

but for fifty years

I sing my Jubilee!

© Celestine Nudanu

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