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I’m tickled pink to scarlet today (if it is possible under by black hide) 🙂 🙂  for I woke up to this lovely review of Haiku Rhapsodies from Gilly Goldsworthy of UK, blogging at https://lucidgypsy.com/

Please read on:

Celestine Nudanu has been a blogging friend for several years. We met through our shared love of Haiku, the Japanese short form poetry. She hails from Ghana, a country I Exquisite haiku and senryu from Ghanafell in love with in 2007, unfortunately before Celestine and I ‘met’.

Haiku Rhapsodies, Celestine’s first publication, is a real feast for Haiku, the book is divided into five sections, Afriku, Nature, Haiku My Heart, The Divine and Death.

Afriku is my favourite. Our poet’s words are so very evocative, bringing back memories of my brief visits to West Africa flood back. Here are just a few examples to tempt you.

in tandem
child’s thumping feet
and fufu pestle

rush hour
hawkers trail the cars
bumper to bumper

the cocoyam leaf

From ‘Death’, Celestine brings us the moving,

dreaming of the stars
you forgot to say goodbye
that final journey

and has a firm belief that poetry has a place in our final moments.
Haiku Rhapsodies deserves a place on the book shelves of those who enjoy the form, not just in Africa, but wherever we find ourselves in this vast world of poetry.

Well done Celestine!

What are you waiting for my dear on? 🙂 Order your copies from Amazon or just inbox me! 🙂

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