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Rajani  wants us to write poems about poetry…LOL. 🙂

Micropoetry Month

Soul Poetry (1/10/13)

I eat the words baked in your mud heart

I drink in your puddle of juices

flowing from your mouth


Poetry cries out in her veins. Clawing to be let out in verses reeking of firewood smoke seen above the thatched roofs of the village at sunset. Mothers are busy preparing the evening meal. Above the din of bleating goats and barking of stray dogs in heat, the wailing of hungry children can be heard.

thirsty and crazy I gulp your words

soothing my virgin soil

I crave for more

He is oblivious to the silence that gradually settles on the village. Mouths are busy chewing and throats are belching out the satisfaction of meals well digested. Under the fading glint of the twilight, they eat love, their meal for the night.

feed me nectar

from your spring

soul poetry

© Celestine Nudanu

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