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Hello my friends. It’s been awhile I know. 🙂  I’m so busy lately and this gives me little or no time for blogging. Just to let you know that I’m still around, I bring you a short but lovely review of my book Haiku Rhapsodies, by a satisfied customer on Amazon, Ama Wale. Thanks, Ama. 🙂 I am taking this opportunity to urge all of my friends who have purchased my book and yet to write a review on Amazon or elsewhere to please kindly do so. 🙂 You know how we authors lap up reviews. Those who haven’t bought copies should please do so also through Amazon. You won’t ever regret your decision.  🙂 Thanks you. 🙂

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This is a refreshing read for any poetry lover! The author’s choice of words are at once spot on, and engaging- leaving the reader wanting more. This ought to be a must-read for literature students.

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