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Sleep No More

flimsy wind

your candle glows to dim

on the whimsical threshold

of  love…

the darkest side


on leafy green parchment

your story unfolds, glittering

to conclude

on a bare earth

one with the dust

not even ashes

grey as death

can seal the gaping holes

of your bullet riddled  body

ash to ash

dust to dust


sleep no more

the hand that sheds

innocent blood

the blood you took

from her virginity

sinking your fangs in

to draw life

her essence

to feed your misplaced basest instincts

on the altar of her love

you desecrate

with booms of your gun

a soul is snuffed


kill and thou shall be killed

sleep no more

Celestine Nudanu – 16/09/2020

Rest in Perfect Peace, Barbara Tommie