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Two prompt words on this week’s Ligo Haibun Challenge. Treasure and Despair. My choice below:


PictureI dug the whole night for the treasure. My hands were tattered and bleeding. My body ached in all the wrong places and still I dug on, plundering, the earth black and wet with my effort and tears. There was no sign of the treasure in sight. Suddenly I heard her laughter, crackling and manic. I didn’t need her here. No, not now when I was frantic myself.

“The treasure is within you, my lady, and until you find it, all you write will be chaff.”

Her sharp words stabbed my core and the pain almost killed me, waking me up.  I had been dreaming of my grandmother again. But this time her words held a deeper meaning and suddenly, as the first sign of the morning streaked into my room,  I finally saw the light.  She had been right all along. I had it in me, the gift of the storyteller, her legacy. My treasure.

treasured words
buried in wisdom
my life-line