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Hello wonderful folks, I have been gone for so long that I almost forgot I had a blog.:-). I miss you all I must admit.:-) But my absence was a for a good cause. I needed time to finish my works in progress. Thank God I have been able to complete one of them (only one oo! Hmm!) A collection of haiku, Haiku Rhapsodies.

To say I’m excited would be an understatement. At the same time, I am humbled that my work, Haiku Rhapsodies, is going to be out there. Incidentally, I’m the first Ghanaian to have a haiku anthology published in my country. That fact sunk in only yesterday when  a colleague mentioned it. That rather humbles me and make my heart goes ziiinnnnng!:-). I give all the glory to God.:-)

On Saturday 23rd April, 2016, I will be launching Haiku Rhapsodies at PAWA (Pan Africa Writers Association) House, Roman Ridge, Accra Ghana at 1.00 pm. As a member of the Ghana Association of Writers, (GAW) which is under the PAWA, I get to use the venue for free.:-) I wish to invite you all lovely folks to the event. I know you will all be there with me in spirit.:-) The journey has not been easy, especially as an independent publisher. I had to edit and edit and re-edit the collection after it had gone through series of reviews. I particularly thank Kristjaan, the host of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai for his invaluable support. I’m also grateful to Adjei Agyei Baah, editor of the Mamba Journal and the African Haiku Network for his critique and great support Special thanks go to Hamish Gunn for his lovely forest photo, and to Roxi St Clair for permission to use her quotes.  And I know I could not have made it without your beautiful heartfelt support over these years of blogging. I thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart.:-) I shall soon post the links to where you can get copies to buy. :-) :-)

God willing, I shall soon join you on the blog. I have over a 1000 posts in my inbox and I simply cannot keep up. Pardon me for deleting and starting afresh. Thanks so much.:-)


2015 In Review


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Madison Square Garden can seat 20,000 people for a concert. This blog was viewed about 63,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Madison Square Garden, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

I’m most grateful to all my blogger friends, who comment, like and even just visit. Without you my blog would have been obsolete. :-) Special shout outs to Kristjaan of CDHK fame, Alice, Marie, (where are you?) Skye, (let me hear from you please) Kimmy, Gilly, Rosy, Joyce, Nomzi and Nana Prah; Kiru, Stella, Sandra, Al, Ste J, Trisha, Tish,  Jules, Ese, Hamish, Kinna, Nana, Dela, Ricky, Jael, Tiny, Khaya,  and Penny. Specials smiles for my Carpe Diem group, the Haiku Horizon and Haiku My Heart members (Rebecca, your love is appreciated and reciprocated) and of course the Friday Fictioneers whom I haven’t visited in ages. (sigh) Susan Daniels and Boomie, are you there? Longest time. :-)  :-)

Wishing you all a lovely New Year full of God’s blessings and more

Click here to see the complete report.



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Hi folks, I said I was going away for a while but I just had to come back and post this beautiful poem written by a dear friend and dedicated to her husband on the occasion of their twenty-second wedding anniversary. Enjoy.:-)

(Specially for Nana Kwesi Agyepong


There was silence

With my three friends we entered the Physics Lab

And there you were; you sat alone

Looking a little startled

as if your thoughts had been rudely interrupted

Our eyes met…….uh, my heart skipped a beat

my gaze still fixed on you

what was this strange feeling

your smile disarmed me

your voice confused me.

Your gentleness overwhelmed me

After twenty and two years…

It has always been you. It has been L.O.V.E..♥


Oh it’s been 22 years already

four beautiful and adorable girls

and all the happenings in between

but it has always been you

In sickness and in health

in joy and in pain

in distress and triumphs

it has always been you


So on the occasion of our 22nd wedding anniversary,

I am thankful for:

Your unconditional love

and attention and care for me and the girls

Being who you are and allowing me to be the person

I have always wanted to be.

Your patience, calmness and gentleness

which still overwhelms and me

For the next year and beyond

Stand by me and let us stand together

for it has always been you

Walk with me and let us walk side by side

for it has always been you


Run with me and let us run together

for it has always been you

Play with me and let us play together

for it has always been you..♥

Sleep by me and let us sleep together

for it has always been you..♥

Sing with me and let us sing together

For it will always be you..♥ 

Pray with me, and let us pray together

For it will forever be you…♥


Happy 22nd wedding anniversary my love, Nana Agyepong

and thanks for saying “I do” 22 years ago.

You still take my breath away
Copyright © Abena Agyepong
18th December, 2015

Fresh Snow


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Done for for Carpe Diem and for Haiku My Heart.

This may be my last post for the year as I will be breaking for a while to sort out my WIP. But I shall be back!:-) Merry Christmas to all my lovely friends out there. Wishing you much joy, love and the peace that is Christ our Saviour. God bless you all.:-)

Fresh Snow


fluffy flakes falling

in backyard

manna from heaven

melts in a mirage


first snow

melting the coldness

in our hearts

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu


Haiku Horizons: String


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Done for Haiku Horizon



this forest magic

 pulls me in


string me

with soft feather touch

African beads


 scented oils

this night talisman


Copyright © Celestine Nudanu

Days of Christmas


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Done for for Carpe Diem, (Georgia’s Special 2nd Days of Christmas – Choka) and for Haiku My Heart.

Days of Christmas

5-7 5-7 5-7 5-7-7

 image of my child

salivates at nothingness

this drives me crazy

 to put more energy in

fanning the fire

that will cook only water

to bathe off the grime

from scavenging on the heap

 behind the MP’s mansion

Credits: Christmas

it is Christmas eve

 I can hear the chiming bells

Armageddon Church

last year the priest fed the kids

and winked at my girl

It is a no go this year

church charity stinks

but dare I reserve some pride

charity has lots of face


the Harmattan breeze

biting, burned and cracked my skin

charcoal a fiery red

The water now at a boil

waiting for the kids

to return to nothingness

now, what will they bring?

Freshly baked cakes, brown as earth,

bottles of coca-cola

with no expiry date or

stale crackers from yesteryear

moldy leg of a chicken

dry as the hag I’ve become?

Or my brand of emptiness?


Mama! There she is

dark skin glowing, defying

the harsh Harmattan

mockery of perfect skins.

her teeth flashed in smile

I swear the gleam in her eyes

made the Christmas lights

in the MP’s mansion pale.

now, she is me all over

(envoy or tanka)

she raise tiny hands

then I see the envelope!

ah, Harmattan breeze

her long tresses billowing

my husband’s gift waves at me

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu



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Done for Carpe Diem

Mixing up the action so the reader does not know if nature is doing the action or if a human is doing it.


full moon

dispelling the shadows cast

by the old lantern

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu






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Done for Haiku Horizon and Carpe Diem.


even beautiful

a shimmer of dry leaves

littering the grounds

My inspiration is Ese’s below:

first cherry blossoms

despite the bites of morning frost

still beautiful

© Ese

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu




Secret Code


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Done for for Carpe Diem,  Gilly. and for Haiku My Heart. I wish all my lovely blogger friends  a Happy Thanksgiving!  :-)  :-) Continue reading


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