Haiku My Heart: Comfort


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(linked to Recuerda Mi Corazon.)


noonday heat

a butterfly seeks rest

in my shadow

First Montenegrin International Haiku Contest (2017) – Third Position

Exquisite haiku and senryu from Ghana

Haiku My Heart: Music


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(linked to Recuerda Mi Corazon.)


dawn winds


in the whispering trees

Celestine Nudanu – 10/07/2020

Exquisite haiku and senryu from Ghana

Haiku My Heart: Pillow Talk


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(linked to Recuerda Mi Corazon.)

Pillow Talk


with my pillow


Celestine Nudanu – 3/07/2020

Exquisite haiku and senryu from Ghana

Haiku My Heart: Mangoes


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(linked to Recuerda Mi Corazon.)


taste of heaven

for the homeless child

ripened mangoes

Celestine Nudanu – 26/06/2020

Exquisite haiku and senryu from Ghana

Haiku My Heart: Echo


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(linked to Recuerda Mi Corazon.)


echo my heart

the silence in his

parting words

Celestine Nudanu – 05/06/2020

Exquisite haiku and senryu from Ghana

Oh, But He Can Breathe!


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I can’t breathe!

I can’t breathe!

Oh mama, help me

please sir, l can’t breathe!

yet, the alabaster white man pressed on

all 200 pounds of him

knee heavy as lead on my neck

snuffing my life

 a lit match stick, its glow fleeting

Mama, l can’t breathe!

please sir, l am dying1

but of course

he has to steal my breath

ebbing away

to ignite his miserable life

a cowardly act

I can’t breathe sir!

my pleas of agony


my Black breath in its dying throes

oxygen to fuel his brand

of white supremacy

so he can breathe

Breathe on me

breathe of God

so I can have life

as you welcome me home!

RIP Floyd

Celestine Nudanu – 2/06/2020



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Hello dear friends and loved ones. I’m out and about now. 🙂! And it feels good. The cares of this world kept me hiding out, even as my muse left me in limbo. Throughout the lockdown, I could not string a line of haiku or even a sentence for my novel in progress which I started ages ago.
But I read and read and read and still reading my books piling up on the shelves of my study I ranted about months ago. It felt and feels so good to just relax in the arm chair with the AC on full blast (after all President of Ghana is paying half the cost of electricity for us for three months), reading a Joel Rosenberg or a Daniel Silva. Real cool indeed and mind you, hard cover. Though Kindle is convenient, there is nothing like reading a physical book, in your hands, occasionally caressing the cover while giving it a sneak peek.


But come out I should and did with this haiku of mine published in the Stardust Haiku online Magazine edited by Valentina Ranaldi- Adams. Very much appreciated Valentina. 🙂

I guess with this, dear friends, my muse might be back in full swing. At least I hope so. 🙂

echoes of silence

reverberating . . .

empty tomb

Celestine Nudanu – Ghana.