Carpe Diem: Medicine


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Done for Carpe Diem. Inspired by modern times haiku Poet Jerry Kilbride (1930-2005) A biography of his life can be found here.  “Bulletin”of the Californian State Library Foundation (Number 84 – 2006 pages 17-22) 

Jerry Kilbride (1930-2005)

still in the taste of

afternoon tea…..

my grandmother’s brogue

© Jerry Kilbride


still in the taste of


grandma’s chicken soup

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu

Haiku My Heart: How Long


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Done for Haiku My Heart  and for Carpe Diem. The goal is to write an all new haiku inspired by Basho’s haiku below. The challenge is to use the words of the first line, ‘how long’.  :-)

how long

to wait for the cuckoo

about a thousand years

© Basho


How Long

how long

to wait for your return

cherry blossoms blooming

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu

Carpe Diem: Branding


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Done for Carpe Diem. And for Gilly

Inspired by Chiyo-Ni’s haiku and Gilly’s photo below to write mine. Chiyo-Ni’s haiku, poignant because it expressed her concerns on making love for the first time on her wedding night, appealed to me.

will it be bitter or not
the first time I pick
a persimmon


IMG_1336 [6205983]


shedding tears

with broken branches

first branding

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu

Carpe Diem: Divinity


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Done for Carpe Diem.

Monophysitism – Divinity is seen in everything and everyone. Based on the idea of seeing God in all and everything and that God is everything. So that nature is divine. Haiku and Monophysitism can be seen as the same idea.


in the rising dawn

concerto of raindrops sings

His hallelujah

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu

Carpe Diem: Heat


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Done for Carpe Diem. Modern Times Haiku (Following the Summer footprints of Margaret Chula)

his early heat
a carp arches
into the raindrops

© Margaret Chula

My haiku in the same spirit and tone as Margaret Chula’s above:


noonday heat

a lizard basks

in yesterday’s raindrops

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu

Haiku My Heart: Bedroom Talk


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Done for Haiku My Heart  and for Carpe Diem.

A revision of my favourite Basho Haiku

autumn night

dashed to bits

in conversation

© Basho

Cherry blossoms in Yoshino

I tried not to deviate too much from the tone and spirit. :-)

Bedroom Talk

bedroom talk

scent of cherry blossoms

fills the gap

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu

Carpe Diem Choka: Nude Dance


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Done for Carpe Diem. A Choka. Japanese Long Poem

Nude Dance

5-7 5-7 5-7 5-7-7

spellbinding moment

the splinter of the full moon

in a silent stream

crave for a velvet night dip

hugging nudity

echoes of birdsong render

 shivers and circles

as one we dance on ripples

  sated souls, till smile of dawn

(envoy or hanka)

the night’s sweet madness

gives way to morning’s splinter

we are not witches

but lovers with hangover

from dancing nude for the moon

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu

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