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I’m very happy to be back my friends. Today I host on my blog a hot romance writer and friend, Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku of flirtyandfeistyromance.blogspot.co.uk An avid romantic at heart like myself, Stella’s spicy romance books are hot all over. Stella is  celebrating the release of her latest romance, Wild Whispers with a blog tour including sumptuous giveaways. (details below).

Title:                 Wild Whispers, a tender Novella.

Author:             Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Genre:              Romance/Contemporary/Interracial

No of Pages:     106

ISBN:                – 978-1530511259

Release day:      21st April 2016



Scarred but not broken, beautiful Adaora Dike made a tough choice early in life and she had no regret until she lost everyone and everything without warning. She finds comfort in a quiet home in the woods, deep in Dagor Village. Out there, Adaora discovers nature and animals do not condemn, only people do. One rainy night, a male shadow dashes across her yard, her heart flips over and she faces emotional chaos. While on a field trip in Africa, handsome photographer, Gary Mason gets stranded in the woods. He finds an abandoned shelter occupied by a lonely but lovely woman he cannot not get out of his head. This is one photography shoot he wants to forget, but Adaora has a firm grip on his heart and might change his life forever. Through many Wild Whispers, will Adaora and Gary change each other or will fate intervene to keep them apart?

Now relax  and prepare to meet Ebele Okocha, a young character in Wild Whispers. Be warned she has strong opinions.

In your own words, please introduce yourself to our readers?

Thank you for this opportunity, this is my first interview. I’m Ebele Okocha, a ten-year old primary school student from Dagor Village in Edo North, Nigeria. I live with my parents and six brothers and sisters in a small house in Dagor Village. My friends and family call me a matured child because according to them, I speak older than my age.

Good to meet you, matured Ebele. How do you know a certain woman, called Adaora Dike who is the heroine in a new book, titled Wild Whispers?

You are very funny. Ah, Auntie Adaora is my good friend. She lives in this beautiful, big, green and white bungalow in the woods a small way from our house. I first met her as I searched for my lost coin under the dried leaves near her house. She helped me find my coin and she invited me to her house and gave me homemade biscuit and milk. She is the kindest person I know.

Sounds like you like Adaora a lot. Does everyone in Dagor Village know and like your Auntie Adaora?

Not at all. It hurts me to hear all the horrible things the villagers say about Auntie Adaora. They don’t even know her or speak to her but they judge her from afar. Even my parents come home telling tales about what they have heard others say about Auntie Adaora in the market square. I think some adults are not nice to strangers. It is so sad. But I’m not one to judge people without knowing them. So I made friends with her. Now I know Auntie Adaora and I don’t believe the mean things everyone else says.

Wow! You are one feisty young lady, Ebele. So do your parents approve for you to visit Auntie Adaora?

Shish! Can I trust you to keep a secret? You must not tell my parents about my visits to Auntie Adaora. I want to keep it quiet.

You can trust me to keep my mouth shut. Do you think Auntie Adaora has any special person she cares about?

Not until recently. I think the strange man who she helped likes her a lot. But Auntie Adaora does not know she cares about him yet. But I like him already. Gary is nice. But I will wait and watch her come to like him. Sometimes, I think some adults don’t know what they want until they lose it.

I’m curious, how do you know Gary likes Auntie Adaora?

Oh I saw the way he looked at Auntie Adaora when she was not looking. Hmmm…my eyes see things. When Gary talks about Auntie Adaora, his eyes light up like the bright stars up in the sky. And he surprised her with a lovely gift so soon after they met. Only someone who really likes you brings you gifts.

That is true. Finally, if you got a small amount of money what will you get for yourself, Ebele?

For me? Oh…I will buy lots of sweets, chewing gums, biscuits and pretty shoes. And if I had some left over, I will buy the English textbook I have been telling my parents to buy for me for a long time.

I know African names always have meanings. Do you know the meaning of your name?

I do. Ebele means mercy or kindness and that is what I try to be to everyone God brings my way. Our village needs more kind people. Like people who show mercy to others.

I hope you get all you want in life, Ebele. Thank you for chatting with us. Your Auntie Adaora has a great friend in you.

Oh thank you for having me. I enjoyed our chat.


Wild Whispers blog tour begins on Saturday 23rd April and ends on Thursday May 26th 2016.

Star Prize: One Wild Whispers Bracelet.

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Other Prizes: Flirty & Feisty Romance eBooks of your choice (excluding Wild Whispers)


Follow Wild Whispers on its exciting Blog Tour and leave comments on this blog. Lucky winners will be randomly selected.


Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku is a fun-loving mother of two teenagers, married to her gorgeous husband and best friend who indulges her romantic habits. Writing contemporary and historical romance novels is an exciting adventure for her. Out of curiosity and belief that love conquers all, she has written several Interracial & Multicultural Romance Novels.

In 2010, Stella created Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels, a collection of toe-curling, intriguing, and skin-tingling romance with compelling characters who have heart and soul and jump off the pages of the book. All her stories are dotted with twists and turns and are set in fascinating Africa, enticing Europe & enchanting America.

To experience and enjoy an intense emotional ride, pick up a copy of any of her novels: Loitering Shadows, Beyond the Lady, The Gardener’s Ice Maiden, Sparkling Dawn, Husband to Rent, Stolen Valentine Kiss (Holiday Series #1), Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series #2), Forbidden Dance, Stolen Valentine Kiss & Kiss My Lips (Holiday Series 2~ Books ~ in ~ 1), Tempting Desire, Seduced Hearts, Red Velvet Rose and Wild Whispers. Stella’s first historical/suspense/mystery romance, Royal Cowries (Cowries Series #1) will give you an insight into a different Africa.

A luxury home by the seaside is on Stella’s wish list. In her spare time, she loves to swim on her back like a starfish, watch TV, go to the movies with her family and read romance novels.