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Hello friends, it feels good to share and showcase yet again Stella’s Sweet and Sexy Romance, Naked Attraction. Stella writes both steamy and sweet romance as well as feisty ones with sassy heroines and drop-dead gorgeous heroes with hearts of gold. Please find time and take a look around her blog Flirtyandfeistyromance and you won’t be disappointed

Please find below details of the release.

Author: Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural

No of Pages: 262

ISBN: 978-1542402040 (Paperback)

Release Date: January 24th 2017

Add on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33976714-naked-attraction?ac=1&from_search=true

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 “As long as you lock me up in the same cell as you, I’ll be happy to spend a long time behind bars without complaining.” ~ Mofe.

Read Naked Attraction to find out how Mofe, a hot & sexy Café owner tempts and pursues Ronke, a feisty & sassy female District Judge.


~ A dangerous attraction…is mounting ~

Replaying her hip-wriggling dance steps in his head, Mofe is on the trail of a dancer he saw in a beach club in Europe. No one seems to recall who she is, not even the beach club owner. But he has her picture on his phone. When he walks into the city’s courtroom and sets eyes on the female District Judge presiding over his brother’s case, he knows he has found the elusive dancer. Whether or not his brother receives a jail sentence is in her hands.

Caring for her little sister takes up most of Ronke’s free time, but she knows how to juggle work with having a good time abroad dancing on bar tables. The moment Ronke locks gaze with the dark, gorgeous man with rippling muscles and tattooed arms, a dangerous attraction sizzles inside her. With no plans to forgo her current no-strings secret affair, she disappears without a trace, hoping never to see the stranger again. But when he walks into her courtroom, her stomach walls tighten and she can barely breathe.

Can Mofe convince a woman who holds the key to his brother’s future to date him? And will Ronke deny her attraction to protect her reputation?

~ From the Author of His Ring ~ A Sweet & Steamy Romance ~

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Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2jsEUc6

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Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/698655

Amazon US Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Enticed-Forever-Bad-Boy-Romance/dp/1543203175/ 

Amazon UK Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/Naked-Attraction-Sweet-Sexy-Romance/dp/1542402042/ 

Createspace Paperback: https://www.createspace.com/6843469


“The question is why would a magistrate judge be spotted dancing on a bar table in nothing but a bra and thong in one of Europe’s beach clubs? And then appear serious on Monday morning in a London courtroom wearing a wig and black gown?” While he waited for her answer, he took a passing look around her chambers.

Thick, leather-bound books graced wooden shelves on every side, but the room was immaculate and clean. Grey carpets complimented the beige upper walls. The gold and black name plaque on the desk indicated her name was District Judge Ronke Oni.

“What I do with my time is none of your business,” Ronke snapped as she swiveled around. But a sly grin wired her full lips as she got up on her feet. Gone was the dark gown. And so was the funny wig. Now, her silky white ruffled top fell wide open, enough for him to see the swell of her cleavage.

Peeling his eyes away from her chest was not easy, but he tried. With the black skirt suit plastered around her body so tight, she looked like a bomb waiting to explode. Electric currents flashed through his body and he laughed to quench the upsurge. Up close, she looked a little older than he’d thought, still, she was a raving beauty.

“And what was it you wanted from the dancer?” Ronke asked with her arms folded beneath her busts, pushing her breasts further out of her top. And for a fleeting second, he wondered if she wedged her full breasts with a lacy bra.

“Are you kidding me, Ma’am? You’re not going to deny the fact you’re an erotic dancer over the weekend and a learned woman during the week?”

With her butt perched against her curved walnut desk and her legs crossed at the ankle, she looked like a sexy model about to strip off her clothes for the camera. And as long as he was the photographer, they would have an album of perfect shots.

“Since you took the trouble to trace me down here…” she started.

About the Author

I’m Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, the author of several toe-curling & heart-fluttering Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels consisting of Contemporary/Interracial and Historical & Paranormal Romance. There are 17 published books so far.

Just so you know, I’m a romantic freak, mother of two fun – loving teenagers, married to my gorgeous husband and we live in London, UK. If my teens had their way, they would fill our home with a dozen pets. Swimming on my back like a star-fish is one of my skills.

My stories are dotted with unexpected twists and are set in fascinating Africa, enticing Europe and enchanting America. An emotional spin is what you get when you read my books. Please write or connect with me on social media. I love reading from you.


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